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Hapy madnezz day you guys

2017-10-18 10:35:29 by kRyy

Drawings after almost a month finally came in!

Also I got new drawing tablet 5813742_150833730031_163312.jpg


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2017-10-18 10:46:16

happy madness day!


2017-10-18 10:46:29

madness rulez.... maybe too much


2017-10-18 11:12:47

Absolutely cancer.

kRyy responds:

Who are you to tell


2017-10-18 12:08:14

top drawing lmao


2017-10-18 14:55:51

*When you recieve krinkels ass* OwO

kRyy responds:



2017-10-19 11:18:50

I have One by Wacom


2017-10-20 06:01:34

kill nickkers they are the skoom oG the birth

kRyy responds:

Now I understand
You were right this whole time


2017-11-11 22:46:58

i am saving up for a wacom cintiq because ive been using a mouse for a while you know that other wacom i had thats broken

kRyy responds:

Have fun with that


2017-11-15 08:34:25

What if you wouldn't use it for drawing, but only use it for osu! xdeddddddededededddddddekkkkkkssssddsdddd sorry for the xds, bye.

kRyy responds:

Imma using it mostly to draw some stuff and make gore,spritez and effects. It comes really handy you know.
ᴬⁿᵈ ʸᵉˢ ᴵ ᵈᵒ ᵖˡᵃʸ ᵒˢᵘ


2017-11-19 00:17:57

So, I have a question. Why were you labeled (best animator) in the upcoming collab. Anyways, I want to join, I animate with YOUR style, (I've been studying your work) lol, but school started and I cat seem to join because of too much homework and study., but I want a laptop this Christmas so I can animate at school. Oh yeah, If I do happen to join your Conrad's collab, I'll try to animate like Gabriel Barsch, (I've been studying his work too LOL) and he solidly gave me some advice. Kryy, what I actually came here to say is good job man, I love you, (no homo to hell), keep up the good work, my Conrad...


2017-11-20 06:13:33

Dude, do you understand that you made the Warden Fucking TRANSGENDER?
I just don't understand why a fem character would type that up.
As well as that, there are two more mistakes: "fails" should be "fail", there can't be a capital letter in the middle of a sentence, i'm should have an apostrophe between it and (For the love of god, do i have to say this a billion times?) FEMALES. DON'T. HAVE. DICKS. Did you even go into Sex Ed? Boi, you're really dumb.

(Updated ) kRyy responds:

You couldve change Warden into deron or
something pffw


2017-11-20 12:49:25


kRyy responds:



2017-11-21 13:56:29

With that image... you reminded me... to someone who... used to write... like this... ...................................................................................... lol

kRyy responds: