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Madness project MadHat Madness project MadHat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That really ruled! Finally some cool animation from Madczech after a long time. I feel like this was the first time where Johny's parts ruled even more than djjaner's one's. Music fits (almost) perfectly,kills and moves were actually really interesting and enjoyable and I saw a lots of great ideas. Good job Johny.

JohnyPixel responds:

I am no longer a Madczech member. Thx for support :)

Animation vs. YouTube Animation vs. YouTube

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved it as every Animation vs X series. But this one stood out from others by really creative ideas and extremely good execution.
Only thing that I found pretty unpleasant is a mount of slow mo moments,they just feel like stretching lenght of the movie.

REALM: Illuviation REALM: Illuviation

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Oh boy...what did you do. I dont even know where should I begin with this. Ill start with saying that I know you dont like long reviews,which you've showed before. This movie has so many problems and shortages that I am forthrightly confused.
First of all,the pacing and sequence of events. Saying that it sucked is real understatement. For making everything easier Ill be writing exact times when precise events happened.
Intro was kinda odd,and Im aware that it wasnt made by you,but by Clatform,but I think it still was worse than old previous one.
Beginning where Employers's are talking was real laughter in the room. The very first sentence just screams "Hey guys,I know how to use google translate" but you know what? I know how to use it too. Dialogues are supposed to be serious,at least from what I understood,but the "fool!" line throws this idea into trash. The silliness of this mismatched scene gave me the "Its so bad that its good" kinda laught,but this is where the laughs ends. Every possible emotion related to joy and satisfation dosent occurs in this movie. What I mean is you dont get the emotion of amazement on any kill and move. Whole aahw fight (which lasts less than a minute btw) dosent have anything interesting in it. Its just bland,uncreative and BORING scene. But before I start with first yeelon vs Kelzad fight from the beginning let me ask you a question that really bothered me while watching the whole realm series. These possessed aahw's make no logical sense. If they are supposed to act like mindless zombies,why do they are able to use freaking pistols and rifles? Yeelon vs Kelzad scene was alright in its being,but 2 things got me thinking. First is transformation of Kelzad weapon. In itself is a great idea,and well made execution of it,but not only this idea is older than realm series itself,but it looks more like jumping rope than what It should. And second is kelzad's overheat or whatever was it called in PN1. The effects of it are cool,but one thing really irritate me about it. Electricity comes from a ground,and not from kelzad,whom should've been the cause of it. Not only that but he's either being lifted by haha electricity,or his floating without any common sense. Electric punch is a ripoff from MC10 hank yada yada yada. Every aspect of animation and story starts falling apart after kelzad gets stabbed (lets say he survived the wound that would most likely perforate his heart). Another thing that really upsets when you think about it is scene from 05:15,which is both pointless and meaningless. Its just useless and serves nothing to the plot. In fact every word ending with "less" that describes action and common sense is accurate in this case. After that the course of events goes to toilet. Enemies appear from litteral nowhere,yeelon does as well. And before we move to MAG scene I want to tell you something that you might have not think thought. From what you've shown us the thickness of ground can be counted in inches. Becouse there are only 2 options. Either Yeelon made the whoooole cave by himself in seconds,or the ground is empty inside. Congratulations again,Ill give them to you couple more times. Mag itself looks ok,nothing too special,but its still something bit different (except that its still MAG). After he comes to kelzad you'd expect that there would be an epic fight between them. That the author would finally have a chance to fulfill himself by some creative choreography,but the viewer forgot 2 things. First that its REALM series,and second that its made by kelzad. Yeelon desides to destroy the MAG without any reason whatsoever, I mean I guess he had a reason to do so,but were as a viewers are stuck in the dark. After all that mess is over 2 things happen,first is kelzad sucking himself by making yeelon literally say his name,and showing how awesome he is. Its just really low and pathetic Kelzy (nothing personell kid tho). And second is something that I still cant understand. Kelzad please tell me why did Yeelon let protagonist flee,only to caught him so after. Before we move on I want to say something about protagonist being called "kelzad". Dude really? Calling "badass" protagonist after yourself is real self sucking. And I know its your oc,but you should've gave him a real name. My oc dosent have real name yet,but Im not calling him kRyy,come on dude haha. Im laughing so hard just by thinking about it. Imagine "kelzad" being born and having this name instead of casual one. He would get bullied in school,or maybe thats the point.
Im getting out of track.
Yeelon catches "Kelzad","Kelzad" hits Yeelon,Yeelon falls from the building,we think his dead but his not YAAAAWN. Remember when I told you that there is no fun value in this movie? Well I was wrong. 07:52 made me laugh so hard,that its hard to describe. Its another "its so bad that its good" example of comedy. I get that "Kelzad" falls cuz he was tired and really weaken,but come on dude. That was really lazy. Im not anyone who knows anything about making good movies (all in all I made such jams as "Gruntification") but Ill tell you how could it work way better. Kelzad falls on the ground,you can see his hard breathe,he might even bleed a little,and then yeelon comes back and "Kelzad" has to barely stand up. Im making things up on go better than you're doing it for almost a year. Its nothing good,but its still better than this Matrix like stand up. The thing I thought was cool was Yeelon transformation,but after analysing it I realised how lame is it. Not only the smoke effect shows nothing and its basically pointless,but the head is straight up ripoff from Krinkels's style of skull from MC11 (screenshots). What makes me laugh is that you were so lazy to just take couple of Krinkels's fireflame effects for Yeelon-Tricky crossover for of the head. Also I heard opinions that transformation itself is a ripoff of Tricky one. I dont really think it is. Tho the idea sure is,the execution had something different. And oh god...the dialogue. I really didnt wanted to see it. On the paper it supposed to be cool and maybe even frightening,but it comes out as lame pile of text on level of 12yo white boy. And little message to Yeelon himself:No,you're not madness. You're the reason madness is dying,becouse people think that series like these are cool,but in real they are just actuall copies of Krinkels's original series. From employers's to your powers. The story is supposed to be taking place in world of original series. And even tho its just a fanmade,it makes no sense on so many levels." Back to you already made me hate that scream. You're another example of "Klouad effect". In a nutshell using same sound too many times. In trailer the scream disturbing and shutting down "Kelzad's" weapon looked cool and interesting,but in movie it just looks unnoticable and boring. And why would you add that when "Kelzad" turns on the weapon AFTER LESS THAN 10 FUCKING SECONDS. Congratulations. Yeelon transformation has no reason to occur whatsoeven,becouse it dosent do anything. After that there's nothing else to describe or rate. There is some animation but only thing I see is a black hole (also I bet cheshyre could've make the music longer for these 30 seconds). And kind of sound would be pleasant,but all we get is awkward silence.
"I belive kelzad can take care of him.He is a formidable foe against auditor." After that I just felt pity for you. For most of this animation I felt anger and confusion,but at the end all I feel is sadness. But then after when everything went black and outro rolled in,I felt anger once again. Want to know why? Not only I was genuinely hyped for couple of days from the teaser,but I was promised that it will be last Realm episode. You just gave a big fuck you to your fans. People saying that its your best work has to be either joking or be stupid. What a complete mess...The realm made by kirx and Dakedar was more enjoyable than this. Im giving you this half a star only for decent animation at the beginning.
I might have forgotten about some stuff I wanted to exam,but I dont care anymore. I was giving a pass to other realms becuz I knew it would get better,I belived,but not I just cant stand it.
In a nushell: Boring

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Madness: Project Zero Madness: Project Zero

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Its almost 3 minutes long,but it feels really short. Why?

Prov22 responds:

Cuz there are only few action rooms :/

REALM: Hebraization REALM: Hebraization

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best one from Realm series

Madness Absurd Madness Absurd

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Obviously put someone famous to get extra views. Stop doing that faggot. Also it was preeetty bad

GameMr responds:

Everyone starts somewhere, don˙t ya think?

Madness Reversion 2 Madness Reversion 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars
Esetox,Dark11O,Grumpy,Omega and Vlad were coolest,maybe even best ones here. Collab itself was alright. Obviously the best animator here was m1de. Aaand I got little dissapointed on gujit.
Also also,thank for taking my clips without telling me about it lol

SapkyRides responds:

Thanks, i will edit some details soon! :3

Madness Goreification Madness Goreification

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Everyone here did extremely well! This is one of the better collabs if I had to say so myself,tho my part was little sucky cuz I had no idea for it and all.

Spaderz responds:

SUCKY?! 27 times i rewatched that fast head smash, i counted lol. if anything, your part actually STUCK WITH THE TITLE ^ more then anything!

incident: MoreShorts incident: MoreShorts

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I died

MJorik responds:


Madness Revisited Madness Revisited

Rated 5 / 5 stars

And this is how madness should be made